Linda Lovelace Deep



A Searching Tribute To Pornstar Linda Lovelace

Welcome to Linda Lovelace Deep.  Compiled in memory and admiration for pornstar Linda Lovelace, the star of Deep Throat, the most famous and controversial porn movie ever made.

On the pages to the left, you will find information about Linda Lovelace's life, the Deep Throat movie which made her famous, as well as movie clips so you can grab a taste of what the controversy was all about. 

You will also see my look at the discussion of Linda Lovelace as a victim.  Was she a victim of the porn industry?  A pawn in the game played by radical feminists?  A victim of domestic abuse?  A willing partner in a domination-submission relationship?  Or something else?

Linda Lovelace

You will also find books written by Linda Lovelace, books about her, DVDs of her movies, including one version of Deep Throat, and anything else I find which I think will help us all understand the complex and very special character of Linda Lovelace.

This is why I call this site Linda Lovelace Deep.  It is an in depth look, not only at Linda Lovelace herself, but at her relationships, the society she lived in and my personal thoughts on what made her do the things she did

Linda Lovelace is a cultural icon and a person who, whether by design, or just being in the right place at the right time, has changed history.  It is therefore fitting that Linda Lovelace is remembered for the part she played in our attitudes to sex and porn today.

I hope you enjoy Linda Lovelace Deep.